Vion: Change of management in Crailsheim

Change of management in Crailsheim

Robert Boos (photo right) and Rainer Hartmann
Robert Boos (photo right) and Rainer Hartmann

GERMANY, Crailsheim. After an initial 20 years in commercial management, followed by almost 14 years as Managing Director of Vion in Crailsheim, Robert Boos will retire at the end of this month.

His tenure included - most recently - the modernization of the company's waste water plant at a cost of € 1.2 million and the investment of € 5 million in a new slaughter line for the plant in 2013.

Under the responsibility of the now departing manager, Vion Crailsheim, which currently employs more than 600 people, has become one of Germany's most successful mixed operations, where 21,000 pigs and 2,300 cattle can now be slaughtered and cut up each week. More than 50 percent of the fresh meat produced is marketed in the region, to local food retailers, butchers, restaurants and regional industry. Almost 30 percent of the meat produced in Crailsheim is exported.

The baton in the management of the slaughterhouse, which is by far the most important in Baden-Württemberg for agriculture and the food industry, is passed on by Robert Boos (photo right) to his successor Rainer Hartmann. The "new guy" at the helm of Vion in Crailsheim is 53 years old, comes from Schwäbisch Hall and has lived in Tüngental with his wife and their four joint children for many years.

After his training as a master butcher and business economist in the trade, he already worked as a salesman (pork) in Crailsheim from 1998 to 2016 and was responsible for the export business to Central and Eastern Europe as well as South Africa. Initially Sales Manager and later Managing Director of Vion's beef operation in Waldkraiburg, Upper Bavaria, since November 2016, Hartmann was appointed as the new Managing Director in Crailsheim at the beginning of the year.

Source: Vion


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