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Redefine Meat launches burger and kebab

Redefine Meat
The lamb kebab was developed for processing in street kitchens from the Middle East to India.
The lamb kebab was developed for processing in street kitchens from the Middle East to India.

ISRAEL, Tel Aviv. The Israeli company is aiming to establish itself in the upscale restaurant industry with a whole series of new products.

Israeli start-up Redefine Meat has announced the launch of its first-ever series of "new-meat" products in Israel. The plant-based product line will be available in select restaurants and hotels nationwide starting today, the company further announced. The restaurateurs are known for their meat quality and will now offer meat substitutes produced from plant-based ingredients for the first time, it said. Redefine Meat is launching with five products: a 170-g hamburger, a sausage, a lamb kebab, a stuffed puff pastry roll and ground beef. The raw products are to be grilled on an open flame.

Launch in Europe coming soon

Customers in Europe will have to be patient. The market launch is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021. In the US, sales will start next year, according to the plans of the company, in which the German poultry meat market leader PHW also has a stake. In 2022, the company plans to venture into the US and Asia.

Apparently, Redefine has more products in the pipeline. A first range of whole meats resembling steaks is to be launched this year.

Company is optimistic

As for the future, the company is confident: "The launch of our first product portfolio represents a major step in our mission to become the largest meat company in the world and accelerates our ability to bring our other innovations to market later this year," says Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat."Each product in this line and those to follow are the result of our understanding of meat at the molecular level, extensive research and development, and technological innovation, which combined gives us the ability to create any meat product that exists today. This has been critical to achieving a flavor superiority that, frankly, we didn't even expect, and the technological versatility to do what no one else has done - replace any cut of beef with tasty plant-based meat."

Funding secured

Redefine Meat recently secured $29 mill. (just under €25 mill.) in financing in a so-called Series A round. It also said it is currently completing construction of a large-scale factory that will house both meat pilot lines and Redefine Meat's industrial-scale 3D printers. New-Meat will be produced there on a large scale for the Israeli market and beyond. The growth has led the company to triple its workforce to more than 100, he said.

Source:; Redefine Meat


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