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United Kingdom

Amazon launches private label for fresh goods

The "by Amazon" range includes ready meals.
The "by Amazon" range includes ready meals.

GERMANY, Frankfurt/Main. Amazon Fresh is offering its own private label for fresh produce for the first time. In the UK, customers will find a range of ready meals, cold cuts, cheese and fish labelled "by Amazon". This is reported by German Lebensmittel Zeitung on its website.

The online giant Amazon has launched a new private label segment in the UK. In a separate section, the grocery online shop Amazon Fresh offers items with the label "by Amazon". According to the retailer, the range includes hundreds of products at good prices. These include fresh produce such as ready meals, cold cuts, cheese and fish, as well as fruit and vegetables. Amazon claims to support British suppliers. Fresh milk, fresh meat and eggs come from British farms.

20 per cent discount for customers

Customers are offered a 20 per cent discount on many of the own-brand items if they take out a subscription, British media report. "By Amazon" complements the other private labels the retailer has introduced in its dry goods range: Happy Belly for nuts and spices, Evansea wine, Solimo for rags and sponges, and Presto cleaning products.

Industry insiders have been observing for some time that Amazon is in the process of building a strong portfolio of private label brands in the grocery sector. In April this year, Amazon introduced its own-brand grocery product Aplenty in the United States.

Competition in the grocery sector

With the introduction of own brands in the UK, Amazon is further heating up competition in the grocery sector there. So far, the online company holds only a small market share in this segment, but it has, for example, groceries from Morrisons as well as the northern English chain store Booths on its website. The recent competition to buy Morrisons has even led to speculation that a takeover by Amazon could be imminent. However, no offer has yet been made.

Source: lebensmittelzeitung.net


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