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Thailand exports chilled poultry to Singapore

S-Pure is the first poultry brand in Thailand to be certified by NSF International.
S-Pure is the first poultry brand in Thailand to be certified by NSF International.

THAILAND, Bangkok. Betagro Group is the first Thai company to export chilled poultry under S-Pure brand to Singapore with the prominent point of S-Pure being the first poultry brand in Thailand certified by NSF International as the products that are raised without Antibiotics (RWA) throughout the whole process as well as the innovative packaging.

The entering into Singapore market is the significant step to expand consumer base of Thai premium brand, S-Pure to international market.

Insight in the company

Betagro Group is one of the leading companies in Thailand operating agro-industrial and food businesses. The Group is widely recognized for its quality and safety standards. It has earned numerous accolades in product quality excellence and production standard certifications, locally and internationally. The recognition covers many areas from animal feed, livestock development, animal health products to premium quality food products for export and domestic consumption.

The Department of Livestock Development (DLD) has responsibilities to regulate and monitor livestock production chain for export. The DLD closely collaborates with food business operators to ensure that Thailand's livestock products comply with international standards. In 2020, Thailand exported poultry products around 946,868 t (exported value was around 110,260 mill. baht). 41% of exported poultry products were chilled and frozen chicken meat. The main importers are Japan, Mainland China, the European Union, and Singapore.

The DLD has closely collaborated with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to expand the SFA's approval scope to cover chilled chicken meat products from Thailand. The SFA trusts the DLD who is Thailand's competent authority to regulate livestock products' standard. Therefore, the SFA has approved chicken meat production companies for exporting chilled chicken meat to Singapore. The estimated volume of export in 2021 is around 1,000 t (estimated value is around 100 mill. baht). The Betagro Public Company Limited will be the first company to export chilled chicken meat to Singapore.

Kevin Cheok, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to Thailand comments: "Betagro worked closely with the Thai Department of Livestock Development and the Singapore Food Agency to ensure that these products meet Singapore's import requirements. Betagro also collaborated with Enterprise Singapore to bring these products to market in Singapore."

Source: Betagro


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