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Trade Fair

Parma Ham returns to exhibition in the US

Imago / Panthermedia

ITALY, Rome. After a few years of hiatus imposed by the pandemic, Parma ham returns in the United States to participate in the Winter Fancy Food Show which will be held from 6 to 8 February exceptionally in Las Vegas.

The Winter Fancy Food is a fair that takes place in the country at the most significant moment for Parma ham in terms of exports: the United States in fact recorded a growth of over 10% in 2021 in the pre-sliced product in trays, thus becoming the first foreign market. Italian excellence will be present at the Winter Fancy Food as part of HamChee, the promotional program, co-financed by the EU, carried out in collaboration with other Dop products, partners in the project. HamChee caters to the North American, US and Canadian markets, with the aim of enhancing excellent agri-food products and transferring information and knowledge to consumers on the quality and safety of PDO products, a true Italian food and wine heritage. Another strategic element of the project is the widening of the territorial limits to favor the penetration in new areas where the products are still not very distributed.

Source: EFA


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