Switzerland: Suisag founds first subsidiary a...

Suisag founds first subsidiary abroad

Calm and robust pigs have been in demand for a long time, regardless of the new housing system.
Calm and robust pigs have been in demand for a long time, regardless of the new housing system.

SWITZERLAND, Sempach. The Swiss pig breeding company Suisag has founded its first foreign subsidiary, Suisag DBN GmbH, in Hesse. As Suisag announced at the beginning of November, customers in Belgium and the Netherlands are also to be served from the German location and offered more service at a high level.

The internationalisation is intended to maintain the critical population size for Swiss breeds and to financially support the breeding work in the Alpine Republic. According to Suisag, the demand from livestock farmers for well-balanced mother pigs and healthy quality piglets is increasing.

Animal-friendly and healthy pig husbandry

The dams with Swiss Suisag genetics are ideally suited for the new, more animal-friendly husbandry systems, such as free farrowing. Compared to conventional breeds, they are calm and caring towards their piglets. According to the company, animal-friendly and healthy pig husbandry has existed in Switzerland for decades. This is why the Swiss Edelschwein and Swiss Landrace breeds are already a big step ahead of other European breeds in this respect.

According to Suisag, calm and robust pigs have also been in demand for a long time, independent of the new housing system. With the export of Swiss genetics by means of semen and young animals, Suisag has therefore had a firm foothold in Germany since 2010. Various German partner farms produce semen for artificial insemination on site; since last year, a German pig farmer has also been breeding Swiss gilts. In addition, a Belgian distribution partner has been exclusively purchasing Suisag genetics for its own rebreeding in this country since spring 2021.

Source: fleischwirtschaft.de, AgE


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