Spain: Tönnies takes another hurdle

Tönnies takes another hurdle

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The municipality of Calamocha is hoping for an economic boost and additional jobs from the investment.
The municipality of Calamocha is hoping for an economic boost and additional jobs from the investment.

SPAIN, Calamocha. The start of construction for the new slaughterhouse in Aragon is getting closer. The regional environmental authority has approved the project. The cutting process is to be largely automated.

The German meat company Tönnies does not encounter any significant resistance to its expansion plans in Spain. The company was able to clear a "major hurdle" in the approval process in April, spokesman Dr André Vielstädte confirmed in response to an enquiry from "Our plans are to start construction work at the end of the year," Vielstädte added. The construction period will take about two years, he said, so that the slaughterhouse in the municipality of Calamocha could start production in late 2023 or early 2024.

In mid-April, the regional environmental authority of the autonomous community of Aragon had concluded the environmental impact assessment with a positive decision. According to Spanish media reports, there was only one objection, which will be taken into account in the planning. The project enjoys great political support in the north-eastern Spanish region. The socialist president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, recently informed himself about the project on site together with the mayor of Calamocha.
Tönnies wants to invest 75 million euros and create 1000 jobs in the municipality with about 4000 inhabitants. A daily capacity of up to 10,000 pigs has been applied for. The meat plant is being built on a 30-hectare area on a disused airport site. Tönnies relies on robots and extensive automation of the cutting processes. A large part of the meat will be processed on site. The production of convenience products is also part of the plans. Calamocha would be the second Tönnies location in Spain. In 2016, the company had acquired a slaughterhouse in La Mata de los Olmos, which is also located in Aragon.



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