Remkes Poultry: New line for soup chickens
Remkes Poultry

New line for soup chickens

With the new building, the family-owned company is responding to a growing demand for ready-to-eat chicken meat.
With the new building, the family-owned company is responding to a growing demand for ready-to-eat chicken meat.

THE NETHERLANDS, Epe. The Dutch poultry processor is investing in sustainability and quality in a new plant. This is to meet the increasing demand for ready-to-eat products.

Remkes The Poultry Family is opening a new production site in Epe (Gelderland province) in the Netherlands this month. There, chicken meat is cooked and processed for use in soups, sauces, main dishes and salads. The plant has a production capacity of 26,000 tonnes per year, the company says. With the construction of this cooking plant, Remkes says it is responding to the growing demand for chicken meat. This is due to two trends in demand: Consumers are placing more and more value on good nutrition and are paying attention to the impact of their diet on the climate.

"Chicken is doing well on both counts, which in turn is reflected in the increased demand," explains founder and owner Bart Remkes. The Company has also invested in a new cold store that can freeze and store up to 10,000 pallets. The new locations were built according to the highest sustainability standards and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the company informs.

Quality and sustainability play an extremely important role at the new locations. The latest technologies made it possible to cook, cool, cut, individually blast freeze or pasteurise and pack chicken meat in one production line, explains Bart Remkes. In terms of sustainability, the new cooking facility in Epe has received BREEAM "Outstanding" certification. This is the highest certification level of this sustainability label.

Sustainability throughout the chain

In addition to minimising environmental impact, Remkes' farm also focuses on the well-being and health of the animals. In 2015, the poultry slaughterhouse launched the NoviPlus sustainability label in collaboration with the Novipluim Foundation. Novipluim is a national association of farmers who have set themselves the goal of optimising the utilisation of mother birds and cockerels.

Remkes The Poultry Family

Remkes The Poultry Family was founded in 1928. The company comprises various production companies: a poultry slaughterhouse specialising in soup chickens, the import/export company Remkes Poultry, the production company Remkes Convenience, the processing company Remkes Food Products and the cold store Remkes Coldstore. Together, these companies supply high-quality chicken products ranging from fresh meat to ready-to-eat products. Remkes manufactures products for industrial customers, system catering and retail throughout Europe.


Source:; Remkes


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