proFagus: New plant for smoke flavorings

New plant for smoke flavorings


GERMANY, Bodenfelde. proFagus is widely known throughout Germany for its charcoal products made from regional beechwood. The company has also been producing smoke flavorings for more than 20 years. A new plant has enabled them to increase production volumes significantly.

For large-scale smoking, traditional methods – such as burning sawdust and shavings – are not advisable for health and cost related reasons. A better alternative is the use of smoke flavorings.

The raw ingredients from which proFagus Pure Smoke are made are produced directly from beechwood. This is achieved through a special carbonization process using high-temperature retorts. Complex extraction and cleaning processes ensure a high degree of purity of the various components. In addition, regular checks and adherence to industrial standards ensure a consistently high product quality.

The construction of the new, on-site evaporation plant has enabled the company to grow its Pure Smoke production capacity. The products are created according to known quality standards as raw materials for the food-processing industry. On request, proFagus also produces dedicated mixtures and blends that perfectly meet the specific requirements for its customers. Thanks to many years of experience in producing Pure Smoke, the company can guarantee a consistent quality and composition of its products, ensuring a premium taste experience for users.


Source: proFagus


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