Pork trade: China is Denmark's best customer
Pork trade

China is Denmark's best customer

 China wird zum wichtigsten Schweinefleischkunden Dänemarks.
China wird zum wichtigsten Schweinefleischkunden Dänemarks.

DENMARK, Copenhagen. Danish exporters of pork sold more goods to China last year than to all 27 member states of the EU internal market combined.

Data from the Danish agri-food industry umbrella organization Landbrug & Fødevarer (L&F) shows that pork exports excluding live animals increased by 154,000 t, or 40.7%, to about 532,300 t compared to 2019. In contrast, sales in the EU excluding the UK decreased by 14,500 t, or 2.7%, to 528,230 t.

China also topped Denmark's ranking in export revenue for the first time, with € 1.25 bn. China thus displaced Germany from first place. The revenues of Danish export companies in the Federal Republic - including live exports - fell by 4.7% to € 908 mill.

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Around 45% of Denmark's exports to the EU in terms of volume recorded in the pig sector in 2020 was accounted for by exports of piglets, fattening animals and sows. If this live export of 424,340 t is added to meat, a total of 952,570 t were sold in the domestic market, down 12,730 t, or 1.3%, from 2019, with a particularly sharp decline in exports to Germany of 7.2% to 422,270 t. Meat exports fell more sharply, by 10.5%than live exports, by 2.9%. In contrast, shipments of pigs and their meat to Poland increased; these totaled 276,280 t, exceeding the previous year's level by 4.1%. Italy even reported an increase of 6.2% to 108,000 t, which was mainly due to increased deliveries of cuts there.

In terms of third-country pork exports, the UK was the Danes' second most important customer after China. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the decline in shipments to the island compared to 2019 was comparatively modest at 5.5% to 177,000 t. Lower exports were recorded for by-products, bacon and pork cuts. Other major customers ordered significantly less pork in Denmark. Exports to Japan, for example, fell by 23.2% to 85,850 t and to Australia by 36.8% to 32,160 t. In contrast, more pork was sold to the United States as well as South Korea and the Philippines. Overall, third-country exports increased by 15.2% to 962,520 t, resulting in a 6.3% increase in total exports to almost 1.92 mill. t, despite declining EU sales.

Source: fleischwirtschaft.de; AgE


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