Outlook 2022: What the industry wishes
Outlook 2022

What the industry wishes

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After two years of pandemic and restrictions, entrepreneurs in the meat industry are finally hoping for more predictability for their businesses in 2022.
After two years of pandemic and restrictions, entrepreneurs in the meat industry are finally hoping for more predictability for their businesses in 2022.

GERMANY, Frankfurt. After two years of pandemic and restrictions, entrepreneurs in the German meat industry are finally hoping for more predictability for their business in 2022.

The German trade magazine afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung asked some of them what they expect from this year and which new and old topics will occupy us. According to the survey, topics such as sustainability and the restructuring of livestock farming will also come into sharper focus in 2022. More team spirit and appreciation are also on the wish list. With
  • Herbert Dohrmann, German Butchers' Association
  • Wolfgang Marzin, Frankfurt Trade Fair
  • Max Tönnies, Tönnies Group
  • Max Münch, butcher's shop Münch
  • Thorsten Schäfer, Bedford

Herbert Dohrmann, President of the German Butchers' Association: "I firmly expect that the new year will hold at least as many challenges for us as the last two years. This applies not only to the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which will certainly be with us for a while, but also to a whole range of social and economic requirements.

Our industry has to deal with changes that will have a decisive impact on the near future. The enormous structural change that is evident in large parts of agriculture, the growing social sensitivity to the complex issues of sustainability and, of course, a changed political environment call for different ways of acting. In addition to these dynamic processes, of course, we still have the basic problems that have been with us for some time. Just think of the huge shortage of skilled workers.

In my opinion, it will therefore be even more important than it already is to embrace change and to be as forward-looking as possible, both in our own companies and, of course, in the work of the association. That is what it will come down to: Such turbulent times must not only be seen as a threat, but even more as an opportunity. I'm not worried, because despite all the prophecies of doom, the butcher's trade has always held its own, especially when the going gets tough. But there's plenty of work waiting for us, 2022 definitely won't be boring."

Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt: "2022 is IFFA year again. I am personally very much looking forward to this, because IFFA is traditionally the international meeting place for the meat industry and the butcher's trade and thus one of the most important trade fairs in Messe Frankfurt's Technology business segment. This is where technology suppliers, but also manufacturers of spices and ingredients, showcase their new developments and innovative recipes; this is where visitors receive impetus to make their business fit for the future. With the expansion of IFFA 2022 in the direction of alternative proteins, we are meeting a booming nutrition trend. The industry has more than welcomed this development, as the process technology for meat and meat alternatives is largely identical.

The Corona pandemic has shown that there is no substitute for personal encounters at presence trade shows. This is confirmed by both visitors and exhibitors across all sectors. With our sophisticated protection and hygiene concept, which has been coordinated with the authorities, we can successfully and safely hold trade fairs here at the Frankfurt site. We have impressively demonstrated this in recent months. We will do everything we can to provide the industry with safe business encounters at IFFA from May 14 to 19, 2022. I'm looking forward to face-to-face exchanges and innovations in the meat and protein industry."

Max Tönnies, co-owner of the Tönnies Group and Managing Director of zur Mühlen ApS & Co. KG: "Together with our employees, we are entering the new year motivated and full of drive. As a group of companies, we want to produce food sustainably. With our t30 sustainability agenda, we have set ourselves ambitious goals in all areas. The industry is undergoing unprecedented change, which we are actively driving forward. Above all, the future prospects of German agriculture are paramount. That is why we are also supporting and driving forward the 5xD implementation in the value chain. This is an important step toward strengthening German agriculture, which we will tackle together with our partners.

In implementing the industry transformation, policymakers are also called upon to set clear and uniform guard rails. The German government's coalition agreement must now be implemented. Following on from the Borchert Plan and the husbandry and origin label, which we as a group of companies have supported, we would like to see rapid implementation and clarification of the financing issue. Agriculture in Germany needs planning security and a perspective for the future."

Max Münch, master butcher from Lommatzsch and member of the German butchers' national team: "My wishes for 2022 are in themselves rather modest: First and foremost, I wish that the pandemic no longer dominates all our lives to such an extent. The turbulent time that lies behind us leaves many negative memories. But also very pleasant experiences such as the trust and loyalty of our customers, who put up with longer waiting times during the pandemic, for example, or our employees, who showed great commitment and cooperation. I hope that this acceptance and appreciation will continue to accompany us in the coming year.

I then look forward to many relaxed and happy events and get-togethers with our customers, with our employees and with the family - and above all, of course, with the national team of the butcher's trade. Finally being back on the real stage with the other members of the team at events and trade fairs, acting as ambassadors to show how multifaceted our profession is. I missed that a lot last year. For example, the national team will be very present again at IFFA - everyone from the team is already looking forward to that.

But at the top of my wish list is the health of all of us. I became a father for the first time this year, and that makes you realize once again what's really important and what's a little less important."

Thorsten Schäfer, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Bedford in Osnabrück, Germany, says, "2021 was a very challenging year: Corona, ASP, export ban, fluctuating qualities from the slaughterhouses, rising costs for energy, transport and packaging are just some of the issues that kept us and the entire industry busy. On balance, however, we are optimistic about the new year. Sales of our artisanal sausage and ham specialties continue to increase, especially the growth of our Saltufo and Salgiano, which will necessitate a new building for raw sausage production next year.

We see changing eating habits as an opportunity for Bedford: for example, vegetarian alternatives are increasingly being requested for family members or friends in addition to meat and sausage for barbecues. This is where we want to come in and supplement our convenience range with plant-based alternatives for the counters and the prepack area, true to our philosophy 'there is no substitute for quality'.

I also expect to see a lot more happening on the subject of animal welfare. We are following this discussion with interest, as we already took an important step in this direction five years ago. With the founding of the Association for Open Stable Housing, we are committed to animal welfare and will continue to expand our range in this area as well."

Source: afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung 1-2/2022


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