Multivac: Company has reason to celebrate

Company has reason to celebrate

For 50 years the company has stood for high-quality, "Made in Germany" solutions for labelling, marking and inspection.
For 50 years the company has stood for high-quality, "Made in Germany" solutions for labelling, marking and inspection.

GERMANY, Wolfertschwenden. Multivac Marking & Inspection has every reason to celebrate: For 50 years the company, which is firmly rooted in the eastern part of Westphalia, has stood for high-quality, "Made in Germany" solutions for labelling, marking and inspection.

The core market has always been the food industry. But companies in the life science and healthcare sectors have also been impressed over the years by the proven solutions and innovative technology, which offer the maximum performance, precision and reliability. Pioneering product developments, such as the full wrap labeller for example, prove that the issue of sustainability does not come up short at the firm.

The success story for the labelling specialists began on 1 July 1972: MR Etikettiertechnik was founded in the town of Enger in Eastern Westphalia, a region with many large meat processors and sausage manufacturers. The first product developed by the start-up company was a cross web labeller. Its primary task was to apply labels automatically and efficiently to a wide range of meat and sausage products packed on thermoforming packaging machines.

A flourishing company developed over the years from these early beginnings. Thanks to systematic investment in technology and know-how, the range of products and services was continually expanded to meet new de-mands and trends in the market. The number of employees continued to grow. And in addition to the proven cross web labellers, a new group of products was also developed: high-performance conveyor belt labellers, which have since made a major contribution in many applications and markets to increasing efficiency, process reliability and labelling accuracy.

When the company founder decided to withdraw from the business in 1993, Multivac came into the picture. The many years previously of close cooperation made the decision easy - MR Etikettiertechnik became part of the Group. The integration of the company only became fully trans-parent to the public however in 2010, when MR Etikettiertechnik was officially renamed Multivac Marking & Inspection.

With giant steps towards the future

One challenge, which the company is currently facing, is the big topic of digitalisation. Even though there are still some misgivings about digitalised machines and processes in some more sensitive sectors, there is a conviction in Enger that digitalisation offers potential in many areas. Dr Hendrik Frank: “Thanks to digitalisation, we can for example offer our customers much more transparency about their production equipment and its outcomes.” Cloud-supported analysis also enables customers to access important data in real time, so that well-founded decisions can be made quickly. And last but not least, digitalisation makes it possible to detect and rapidly eliminate weak points or problems in the process - or even prevent them in the first place.

Overall those at Multivac look optimistically to the next 50 years: “Our expertise is currently in demand in the market like never before, and the market potential is also huge. Our solutions are state-of-the-art, and our order book is full. And our passion for what we do remains unbroken,” say both Managing Directors in unison.

Source: Multivac


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