Meeting: Positive future for livestock and me...

Positive future for livestock and meat sector


BELGIUM, Brussels. On 4th October 2021, the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) within the framework of the international PolAgra Fair in Polish Poznan.

Under the theme: “Outstanding Times Need Outstanding Activity – From Farm to Fork via Factory”, the representatives of the European Commission Maciej Golubiewski, Head of Cabinet of Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski; Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General DG SANTE; Tassos Haniotis, acting Deputy Director-General DG AGRI and Denis Redonnet, Deputy Director-General and Chief Trade Enforcement Officer DG TRADE highlighted the essential role that the livestock sector plays in our agriculture and traditions.

They confirmed that meat has a future, and it is a sustainable one, thanks to a responsible meat production. The sector was encouraged to continue its efforts and become a leader to mitigate the environmental impact of growth.

Meat is a valuable source of proteins. The key word is “balanced and informed food choices”. The livestock and meat sector was called on to make sure that we have and keep enough proteins production within the EU in the future. It was reiterated that animal welfare rules are essential and must be applied.

The Commission speakers also called for information from the ground, in order to keep a positive approach and help the sector deliver on its commitments and production. The role of sustainability in trade agreements was emphasised, with the leading role of the EU as a reference.

Throughout the conference, fruitful exchanges were conducted with about 100 participants in person and remotely from almost all the more than 50 UECBV members, debating against the background of the Green Deal and Farm-to-Fork strategy, focusing on international trade, sustainability and crisis management such as the pandemic and African swine fever (ASF).

Elections for the next 3-year term were held endorsing as President Philippe Borremans (BE), the three Vice-Presidents Heinz Osterloh (DE) for the Livestock Section, Jos Goebbels (NL) for the Meat Industry Section, and Calle Ramvall (SE) for the International Trade Section. In addition, for the Steering Committee Jose Friguls (ES) as Treasurer and further members or joining ones endorsement was given for Clara Fossato (IT), Arnaud Rochard (FR), Knud Buhl (DK) and Cormac Healy (IRL).

Source: UECBV


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