Meat Vision Day digital is hosted online for the first time this year. The congress takes place for the 5th time and is presented by FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT, FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International, dfv Conference Group and IFFA, the world´s leading trade fair for meat technology and alternative proteins.

In this year´s edition of 
Meat Vision Day, we take a global look at the meat and alternative proteins industry. The market for meat alternatives is growing in an exceptional rate. Although still being a small part of the global meat industry, meat alternatives have proven to be highly requested by consumers and market shares are rising at a significant pace. How has modern technology changed the production of meat, which innovations are forward-looking and to what extend are meat alternatives really an alternative for western markets? With high profile international speakers, we examine the scalability of meat alternatives, provide you with the latest global food innovations, food trends, meat alternatives as well as a well-founded look into the future of the meat industry.

Hanni Rützler
Well-known food expert, management futurefoodstudio
Sander Peltenburg
Co-Founder, De Krekerij

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