Meat production: Brazil expects rapid growth
Meat production

Brazil expects rapid growth

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Brazilian beef exports are expected to grow 31% to 3.6 mill. t over the next decade.
Brazilian beef exports are expected to grow 31% to 3.6 mill. t over the next decade.

BRAZIL, Brasilia. Brazil is looking to the future of its agricultural production with great confidence. The government sees greater potential for exports in all types of meat.

According to the results of model calculations based on production trends from 1994 to 2020 recently presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, the South American country expects further strong growth over the next decade. Poultry meat production, for example, is forecast to increase by 28% from 2020/2021 levels to 18.8 mill. t by 2030/2031. According to the model calculation, beef production will have increased by exactly 17% to 9.7 mill. t in ten years, and pork production will be almost 26% greater than in 2020/2021 at 5.5 mill. t.

The ministry cites exports as the main driver of growth. It calculated a 34% increase in pork exports to 1.4 mill. t in 2030/31. Beef exports are expected to increase 31% to 3.6 mill. t, and poultry exports by 29% to 5.3 mill. t. Brazil's cereal production, according to the model calculations, will benefit from productivity gains and an 18% increase in area over the next decade, to a total of 80.8 mill. ha, and will account for 333 mill. t nationwide in 2030/31, up 27% from 2020/2021.

Soybean and corn lead the way

Strong volume increases are forecast by the ministry, especially for soybeans and corn. At 175.4 mill. t, soybean production in 2030/31 is expected to exceed the 2020/2021 threshing result by 30%, while exports are expected to increase by 34% to 116.0 mill. t. In the case of corn, the agriculture department expects harvest volumes to increase by 29% to 124.1 mill. t and export volumes by as much as 44% to 42.4 mill. t.

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