Launch: Brazil’s first full range of 100% pla...

Brazil’s first full range of 100% plant-based cuts

Incrível launches five different cuts.
Incrível launches five different cuts.

BRAZIL, Sao Paulo. The leading brand in the plant-based protein segment in Brazil is betting on the versatility of five cuts of 100% plant-based origin with the flavor and texture of meat to offer protein options in dishes of traditional Brazilian cuisine.

To revolutionize food with 100% plant-based options with the taste and texture of meat. This is the objective of Incrível Seara in presenting to the Brazilian market the first range of cuts with complete pieces for daily meals. Incrível Cortes was introduced mid-October and will consist of a complete portfolio that includes Beef Strips, Steaks, Mincemeat, Chicken Cubes and Chicken Fillets.

The novelty was designed for those who refuse to give up flavor and convenience while looking to add alternative proteins for day-to-day dishes. All items are 100% plant-based, consisting of naturally occurring ingredients and characteristics that guarantee a sensorial experience like that of eating beef or chicken.

In addition, the products are a source of fiber, lactose-free and with no egg and milk derivatives. The packaging comes with an innovative layout and a transparent opening that helps the consumer to evaluate the appearance of the products and contributes to the desire to purchase them.

Source: Seara


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