iPad-App FleischWirtschaft International 5/13

by Editor fleischwirtschaft.com
Friday, October 25, 2013

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The Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 5, October 2013 are available as print-magazin, iPad-App and E-paper:

Process Expo
Growth of international exhibitors

Food Ingredients Europe

Courage and flexibility needed

Dijana Naseva, Zlatko Pejkovski and Aco Kuzelov:
Ostrich meat shows nutritional advantages

Process Technology
Josep Comaposada, Jacint Arnau, Josep M. Montfort,Daniel Sanz, Llorenç Freixanet and Josep Lagares:
Producing fermented sausages the quick way

Frank Loeffler:
Mixers in ham production

Henk Hoogenkamp:
The society beyond meat – Part 2

Product inspection
Richard Hebel:
Overcoming the tough challenges

Conveyor belts
Fabio Conti, Jürgen Seidel and Lars Blom:
Economic benefits on the long run

Francesca Conte:
Halal certification in Italy

Research & Development

H. Sharma, B. Deo Sharma, S. Talukder and R. Giriprasad:
Utilisation of tamarind seed powder as bind enhancing agent in extended restructured mutton chops

Th. Albert, J. Straube, J. Manteufel, J. Heinze, U. Truyen and K. Fehlhaber:
Survival of viruses in raw sausages – Influence of ripening and storage temperature

M. Ali Çakir, Mükerrem Kaya and Güzin Kaban:
Effect of heat treatment on the volatile compound profile and other qualitative properties of sucuk

Wen-Shyan Chen, Yung-Kai Lin, Meng-Ru Lee, Liang-Chuan Lin, Tien-Chun Wan and R. Sakata:
Effects of humectants on venison jerky – Influence on chemical, microbiological, physical and sensory traits