iPad-App FleischWirtschaft International 4/13

iPad-App FleischWirtschaft International 4/13

The magazine app for meat production, processing and research The magazine app for meat production, processing and research

The Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 4, September 2013 are available as print-magazin, iPad-App and E-paper:


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The Russian Meat Association’s Sergey Yushin
on the fight against African swine feveruccesfully
controlling BSE

Anuga Preview
Ten trade fairs under one roof

Licence Strategy
John Eggers Fohlmann:
Inventions, patents and licence agreements

Guillaume Colmant:
Improving restructured poultry

Norbert Höbing:
High light yield despite of the cold

Livestock Breeding
Frank Molter:
Using waste heat for cooling

Henk Hoogenkamp:
The society beyond meat

Product Development
M. L. Fajvishevskij:
New food products of antianemic action

Wolfram Schnäckel:
Slicing is a key operation

Food Safety
Alan Davey:
Packaging and meat shelf life

Eva Braun:
A master’s degree in England

Research & Development

Z. Litwinczuk, P. Stanek, P. Jankowski, P. Domaradzki and M. Florek:
Slaughter value of Limousine breed calves slaughtered at different ages and different body weights

A. Mrghni Ahhmed:
Industrial application of microbial transglutaminase in preserving quality of meat cuts at freezing temperatures

A. Cachaldora, G. García, J. M. Lorenzo and M. Camino García-Fontán:
Microbiological and physicochemical changes during the refrigerated storage of a „Precooked Botillo” like ready-to-eat product

E. Kusaklı, H. Vural and E. Eyiler Yılmaz:
Changes in the qualitative attributes and compositional characteristics of frankfurters with apricot kernel flour

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