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Friday, September 13, 2013

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The Russian Meat Association’s Sergey Yushin
on the fight against African swine feveruccesfully
controlling BSE

Anuga Preview
Ten trade fairs under one roof

Licence Strategy
John Eggers Fohlmann:
Inventions, patents and licence agreements

Guillaume Colmant:
Improving restructured poultry

Norbert Höbing:
High light yield despite of the cold

Livestock Breeding
Frank Molter:
Using waste heat for cooling

Henk Hoogenkamp:
The society beyond meat

Product Development
M. L. Fajvishevskij:
New food products of antianemic action

Wolfram Schnäckel:
Slicing is a key operation

Food Safety
Alan Davey:
Packaging and meat shelf life

Eva Braun:
A master’s degree in England

Research & Development

Z. Litwinczuk, P. Stanek, P. Jankowski, P. Domaradzki and M. Florek:
Slaughter value of Limousine breed calves slaughtered at different ages and different body weights

A. Mrghni Ahhmed:
Industrial application of microbial transglutaminase in preserving quality of meat cuts at freezing temperatures

A. Cachaldora, G. García, J. M. Lorenzo and M. Camino García-Fontán:
Microbiological and physicochemical changes during the refrigerated storage of a „Precooked Botillo” like ready-to-eat product

E. Kusaklı, H. Vural and E. Eyiler Yılmaz:
Changes in the qualitative attributes and compositional characteristics of frankfurters with apricot kernel flour

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