France: Pig farmers call for help

Pig farmers call for help

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Especially sow farmers would think about giving up their farms, warns the association Inaporc.
Especially sow farmers would think about giving up their farms, warns the association Inaporc.

FRANCE, Paris. Expensive feed, increased energy prices and falling revenues are causing discontent among producers. The Inaporc association warns that hundreds of farms could be forced out.

Pig farmers in France are also coming under increasing pressure. In view of the persistently low level of the pig price and the "explosive" increase in production costs, the Interprofession für Schweinefleisch (Inaporc) yesterday called for government support. Action must be taken now, it said, to preserve production capacity and jobs and thus also safeguard the industry's contribution to French food sovereignty. Otherwise, it was feared that hundreds of companies would give up in the next two years.

The industry association also pointed to the support provided in other countries to fellow professionals there. Some member states mobilized considerable resources under the Corona state aid scheme. This, it said, leads to distortions of competition in imports and exports. According to Interprofession, Germany has already paid out € 300 mill. to its livestock farmers.

In France, farmers are currently making a loss of € 25 to 30 on each pig, according to Inaporc. In many cases, they are therefore considering giving up their farms. Sow farmers in particular are affected, which will later have an impact on fatteners and ultimately negatively affect the entire industry, it said. According to Interprofession estimates, French pig farmers will have to cope with losses totaling around € 440 mill. in the current year.

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