Foodservice: Without meat at the start

Without meat at the start

Burger King Deutschland GmbH
The Burger King branch at Schildergasse 114 in Cologne.
The Burger King branch at Schildergasse 114 in Cologne.

GERMANY, Cologne. The system caterer Burger King is consolidating its pioneering role in the plant-based range with The Vegetarian Butcher. To this end, a self-service restaurant in Cologne will serve exclusively meat-free alternatives for the campaign period from June 7 to 11.

Burger King already launched the meat-free Rebel Whopper in November 2019. The patties were developed by Unilever's "The Vegetarian Butcher" brand. At the time, this process took around a year. Now both companies are going a step further: In addition to the Plant-based Whopper, the Plant-based Nuggets and the Plant-based Nugget Burger, for a short time only new plant-based products will be introduced and tested in the city of Cologne in Germany. The joint promise of Burger King and The Vegetarian Butcher: Those who choose a plant-based meat alternative do not have to compromise on taste. All interested parties can see for themselves exclusively until June 11 at the specially designed Plant-based Restaurant at Schildergasse 114 in Cologne. In parallel, existing Plant-based products can be purchased free of charge at Burger King nationwide via coupons in the MyBK app.

Burger King's marketing director Klaus Schmäing justifies the continuous expansion of the plant-based range with a high demand. Already, one in five Whoppers sold in this country is a plant-based patty. The goal of the promotion, he said, is to showcase the plant-based variety and test demand in order to continually expand the range of meat substitutes. "Our ambition is to offer the tastiest burgers and other delicacies - whether with or without meat," Schmäing said.

According to a study by IfD Allensbach, 6.5 million people in Germany classify themselves as vegetarians and 1.1 million as people who largely do without meat. The BMEL's Nutrition Report 2020 has more to say about consumers' motivation to buy meat substitutes: 75% have bought vegetarian or vegan alternatives to animal products out of pure curiosity. Sales of alternatives to meat and sausage grew by 39% to 83,700 t in 2020, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The value increased by 37% to € 374.9 mill. in the same period.

Source: afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung 23/2021


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