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Nestlé remains world's most valuable food brand

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The Swiss company Nestlé leads the ranking of food manufacturers unchallenged.
The Swiss company Nestlé leads the ranking of food manufacturers unchallenged.

UNITED KINGDOM, London. After the Corona crisis subsided, the brand values of global food manufacturers have risen and are now back to pre-pandemic levels, and in some cases are even higher. This is according to the recently published annual report "Food & Drink 2022" by leading brand valuation company Brand Finance, headquartered in London.

According to the report, the Swiss company Nestlé leads the ranking of food manufacturers unchallenged with a brand value of $ 20.8 bn. or the equivalent of € 20.4 bn. Despite supply chain pressures and the still-regional impact of Corona, Nestlé continues to consistently pursue its long-term brand strategy by developing new products and driving its digital transformation, the report says.

In second place, by a considerable margin, and with a market value of € 10.4 bn., was Chinese dairy company Yili; up around 10% year-on-year. The world's most valuable dairy brand has been characterized by consistent business growth over the years, the ranking's authors said.

In third place is US snack manufacturer Lay`s, thanks to a 31% increase in its brand value to € 8.4 bn. The company has benefited from higher consumption at home in times of the pandemic and has achieved great sales success by promoting its products in various online stores, particularly Amazon, with a strong digital brand presence, the report states in justification.

The fastest-growing food brand globally, according to Brand Finance, was Belvita, part of the Mondelēz Group, whose brand value rose 62% to nearly € 1.6 bn. Belvita cookies, it said, were developed for people around the world who skipped breakfast because of their busy schedules, and more of each are being made.

German manufacturers did not make it into the top 10 of the most valuable brands; in fourth place was Danone from Europe, with a calculated value of € 7.75 bn.


Source: AgE


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