Coppa di Parma: Sales grow in 2020
Coppa di Parma

Sales grow in 2020

Consorzio di Tutela della Coppa di Parma Igp
The 2021 goal for the Consorzio is to maintain volumes and grow in value.
The 2021 goal for the Consorzio is to maintain volumes and grow in value.

ITALY, Parma. The Coppa di Parma Igp, whose protection Consortium brings together 21 companies for about 520 employees (including related industries), reached the milestone of 68 million euros (+ 13% per year) in turnover in 2020.

According to European Food Agency the result was reached above all thanks to the good performance of pre-sliced products in tray, a common trend in the cured meats department. The kg of pork processed were 4.2 million (+ 9% compared to 2019). As far as product marketing is concerned, large-scale distribution is confirmed as the main channel, with a 70% share. The 2021 goal is to maintain volumes and grow in value, focusing on the reopening of bars and restaurants.

North American market with potential

Fabrizio Aschieri, president of the Consortium for the Protection of the Parma IGP Cup. "We can be satisfied with the results achieved in 2020, made even more significant by the particular nature of the macroeconomic situation. We look to 2021 with caution, because unfortunately the Covid-19 emergency cannot yet be considered over.“ As regards the domestic market, the the goal for Aschieri is to maintain volumes and grow in value: an important help could come from the gradual recovery of the world, so penalized by the closures. Looking abroad, he is convinced that the North American market has enormous potential. The Consortium will continue to work under track to obtain all the necessary authorizations for marketing in the United States.

On the export front, despite the complications linked to Covid-19, the Parma IGP Cup sector held up, facilitated by the fact that the main foreign trading partners are in the EU area. These are, in the order of Germany, France and Benelux. In the non-EU area, the most dynamic markets are Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where the transitional regime remained in force until 31 December.

Source: European Food Agency
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