Beef trade: Argentina exports less
Beef trade

Argentina exports less

Beef from Argentina is in demand on the world market.
Beef from Argentina is in demand on the world market.

ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires. In January and February, the country benefited from higher world market prices. Export volumes decreased due to government intervention.

And in the first two months of the year, Argentine beef exports reached $481.8 mill., up 23.5% from the first two months of 2021. In February, the year-earlier result of $266.6 mill., was exceeded by as much as 41.2%, reports the export promotion organization IPCVA. The export volume decreased by 9.7% year-on-year to 85,355 t in January and February. China imported nearly three-quarters of that total. The higher revenues were due to an increase in world prices, especially in February (up 37.8% from February 2021).

Prices rose in January and February in all export markets, but least so for shipments to the European Union, up 25%. The increase was strongest in Brazil (71%) and Russia (69%) In China, the average price increased by 45.8%. The decreased export volume is considered a success by the government. It had adopted export restrictions in May 2021 to curb the sharp rise in domestic beef prices.

Source:, IPCVA


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