Balance: Meat industry loses ground

Meat industry loses ground

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The meat industry in Germany lost sales last year.
The meat industry in Germany lost sales last year.

GERMANY, Frankfurt. Destatis presents figures for the slaughtering and meat processing industry. 2021 sales declined noticeably, employment increased on paper.

The German meat industry generated sales of € 40.6 billion in 2021. This was reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) this week.

A year earlier, the industry still achieved sales of € 44.5 billion, according to the Wiesbaden-based authority. In the second Corona year, the revenues shrank accordingly by 8.8%. These figures relate to companies with more than 20 employees. This information is important because sales statistics with more than 50 employees are also in circulation. Regardless of this, the Federal Association of the German Food Industry(BVE) had reported the sales figures in almost identical dimensions in its annual report from the end of June.

According to the statisticians, in 2021 the 19 largest companies with 1,000 or more employees generated around a quarter of industry sales. For companies in the slaughtering and meat processing sector, the 2021 marketing year was characterized by significantly lower prices for slaughter pigs compared to 2020. The quotation for animals of commercial class E in 2021 fluctuated between 1.21 € per kilo of slaughter weight (SG) in the first calendar week (CW) and a maximum of 1.59 € in CW 23. A year earlier, prices ranged between 2.04 and 1.21 €. This was not without consequences for the development of sales. Tönnies, Westfleisch and Vion closed 2021 with losses.

The number of employees in the meat industry increased by 18 percent to 151,500. However, the whopping increase was due to the abolition of work contracts in the industry. This also increased the cost pressure on companies.

Source: afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung 27/2022


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