Alternatives: Trendy meat substitute

Trendy meat substitute

Sustainable, not boring: The new Oumph! burgers
Sustainable, not boring: The new Oumph! burgers

GERMANY, Düsseldorf. Livekindly is launching its Oumph! brand of frozen vegan products in Germany.

"Meatless burgers on the menu should be as normal as those made with meat. To do this, they have to get out of the overpriced eco-niche," says Anja Grunefeld, general manager of Livekindly Germany, describing the principle of the plant-based food specialist. "And of course they have to taste good."

To become the world's largest plant-based food company, Livekindly Collective, founded by Blue Horizon Group, is focusing on expansion through acquisitions. "For example, new products can be launched more quickly or new markets can be better developed," explains Grunefeld, who joined Livekindly last November from soy drink pioneer Alpro (Danone).

Anja Grunefeld is general manager of Livekindly Germany.

Accordingly, the German plant-based meat brand LikeMeat, for example, now belongs to Livekindly, as do "The Dutch Weed Burger" or the British company "No Meat." And now also the Swedish brand Oumph! "With this young, unconventional and anything but boring brand, life is coming into the freezer," Grunefeld is convinced. "Oumph! corresponds to today's zeitgeist and appeals not only to vegans and vegetarians, but above all to modern flexitarians who attach importance to a wholesome, varied diet that also conserves resources and the climate." He said the brand is ideal for those who are looking for variety and adventurous seasonings when cooking and who like to try new things.

Now, selling frozen food is quite complex to handle. But Livekindly doesn't want to leave the field to conventional groups in the freezers either. "In the refrigerated counters, space is now limited. We want to offer consumers a convenient alternative with Oumph! that can also be stored a little longer at home," says the manager. The brand also fits in well with the range of products offered by the catering and accommodation industry and the out-of-home market, she adds.

„Plant-based foods are also part of the 'new normal' in frozen food assortments. “
Anja Grunefeld

Since June of this year, the purely plant-based frozen products have been available in selected regions of the Edeka Group. "Nothing stands in the way of a broad listing. After all, plant-based foods are naturally part of the 'new normal' in the frozen food range, too," Grunefeld argues.

The new brand's range includes six vegan products based on soy that is grown sustainably and GMO-free within the EU, in the Danube region. These include Pulled Oumph! (280g), Kebab (280g), The Chunk (280g), Smoky Bits (280g), Burger (2x113g) and Mince (450g). The products are offered in food retail in units of 280g to 450g and at a recommended retail price of EUR 4.49 each.

They are prepared in the pan, in the pot, on the stove, on the grill or over an open fire - "depending on taste and recipe," says Grunefeld, whose personal favorite is currently Oumph! kebab.

Source: afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung 28/2021


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