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Mealworm factory under construction

picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild / Bernd Wüstneck
The mealworms are to be processed directly on site.
The mealworms are to be processed directly on site.

GERMANY, Roggettin. The foundation stone was laid today near Rostock for a factory to produce proteins from mealworms. The operator is Inova Protein GmbH.

Agriculture Minister Dr. Till Backhaus (SPD) will have to get used to protein from insects: "I have already broken ground on many new production halls in this country," the minister said at the groundbreaking ceremony. "But one for the production of insects is also new for me. And I mean that appreciatively: here we will soon see what will be possible for practical applications as a result of new scientific findings in nutrition research."

Inova's concept is not only to produce mealworms in Roggentin, but also to process them directly on site. The startup company, founded in 2020, plans to use the dried insects to produce protein meal, insect oil, chitin and fertilizer with applications in animal and human nutrition. The company expects to produce 1.5 t of insect meal per month. Especially in feed production, mealworms could offer an attractive alternative to fish meal.



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