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Tönnies also wants to "symbolically renew" itself

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The animal group is to be dismantled from the roof in the next few days.
The animal group is to be dismantled from the roof in the next few days.

GERMANY, Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Clemens Tönnies wants to renew his meat group symbolically as well. The metre-high logo of the animal group on the deep-freeze warehouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is being dismantled.

The slaughter and meat processing company Tönnies says it now also wants to "symbolically renew" itself, now that important steps such as the "direct hiring of production employees and the entry into housing management" have been taken. The logo of the animal group, visible from afar and mounted metres high as an advertising figure on the frozen food warehouse at the Rheda-Wiedenbrück site, will be dismantled in the next few days, as the company is now announcing.

"A new era has begun for us this year," says Tönnies Managing Director André Vielstädte. "Last year we experienced what the coronavirus can do." On several occasions, rampant Covid 19 infections had put the meat giant, with its 16,500 employees and annual turnover of 7.05 billion euros, in the headlines and focused attention on working conditions. "Since then we have accelerated the process of renewal. Successful things are being continued, but old braids are also being cut," says Vielstädte. Among these "old braids", the Tönnies Managing Director also counts the original logo of the animal group, "which no longer fits our times."

According to the company, the Corona outbreak in the summer of 2020 had triggered "the biggest crisis in the company's now 50-year history". Tönnies "suddenly became the bogeyman, employees were prejudged in an unspeakable way even before there was a scientific reappraisal of the Corona cases", it said in a statement.

Regional campaign to focus on employees

But the family-owned company has been "self-critical" and questioned all processes, it said. "As a prelude to the new era", Tönnies has launched a regional campaign that focuses on the employees. In various motifs and formats, different employees talk about their experiences at Tönnies. The campaign will start with an advertising campaign in regional media, which will be launched in mid-April.

"We started the Tönnies Dialogue in 2018 to get into conversation with everyone who is interested," Tönnies spokesman André Vielstädte continues. This will now be continued. In the first wave of topics of the campaign, the "focus topics housing, direct employment, corona prevention and dealing with animals" are to be dealt with. For each of these topics, an employee will personally comment and give an insight into his or her work, it says.



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