Zentrag becoming more European

Zentrag becoming more European

The Paris-based federation of the French butchers' cooperative (COOBOF) became the latest member of Zentrag, the Central Cooperative of the European Meat Trade.

"This sees Zentrag further expanding its sphere of activity. It now has 55 members in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France, making it the largest meat trade cooperative alliance in Europe," said Zentrag spokesman Anton Wahl after the agreement was signed in Paris.

CFBTC, the French butchers' federation, headed by President Christian Le Lann, also joined to demonstrate solidarity with the German butchery sector.

COOBOF has 29 members in France, representing a total of 3,500 butchers. The President is Michel Lafaye. The purpose of the federation is to offer support to the butchery sector. COOBOF was founded in 2008 and last year posted sales of €5 mill.

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Source: afz – allgemeine fleischer zeitung 29/2012