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Verified Black Angus recognition for 1788 Beef

Jan Zandbergen

THE NETHERLANDS, Veenendaal. The standard of the Australian ‘1788’ beef has been upgraded. As of June 2019, all beef under the 1788 Australian Grain Fed Beef brand is recognized with the verified Black Angus Beef certification by the angus society of Australia.

‘1788’ is the brand under which the Dutch company Jan Zandbergen markets Australian grain-fed beef to the EU foodservice industry.

‘1788 Beef’ is always looking to improve the products for its clients. Offering them the best consistent quality meat to distinguish itself from other suppliers. For ‘1788’ Jan Zandbergen chose to use only one breed for even more consistency. The choice for Black Angus was made because this breed has the best taste and its beef remains increasingly popular.

The name of the brand refers to the year 1788, in which Captain Arthur Philip set foot ashore in New South Wales, Australia. On his fleet he brought six cows and a bull. This was the start of livestock keeping ‘Down Under’ resulting in high quality meat.

European foodservices and retail that want Australian beef from other breeds or beef from other origins, can of course still contact Jan Zandbergen. With several grain fed beef concepts such as USA Beef, ‘Charrua’ from Uruguay and Evita’s Choice form Argentina, the company is known to be the one-stop-shop where European foodservices and retail can turn to for a full range of increasingly popular grain fed beef.


Source: Jan Zandbergen


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