World Pork Conference discusses appetite for ...

World Pork Conference discusses appetite for pork

The appetite for pork is on a worldwide growth curve. In its current "Agricultural Outlook" the FAO forecasts an increase in pork production to 127 million tons in the year 2020. However the average annual growth rates of 1.7% for 2008-2010 will decrease slightly to an average of 1.6%.

This matter of fact and other themes will be discussed on the 6th official IMS World Pork Conference in Germany. On the 6th and 7th of October 2011 top-class speakers from around the world will present their ideas and concepts on all the important topics that move the industry.

All topics have a lot to offer: What is the situation concerning future cheap energy supply? Can we meet the increasing demand for pork? How does biological energy influence the supply of feed? And not least: what are the requirements of consumers worldwide? These are just a few of the questions that will be posed and discussed in three conference sections. All the information concerning the 6th IMS World Pork Conference are available on the Internet.
Source: FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/11