Wipak: Tactile lacquer is the winner

Tactile lacquer is the winner


GERMANY, Walsrode. Wipak’s tactile lacquer is an innovation in film printing – this is the conclusion taken by the European Rotogravure Association (ERA).

Used in combination with a special gravure, the lacquer produces unique tactile effects and can thus simulate paper or textile structures. For this technology, Wipak Walsrode was granted the ERA innovation award in Izmir (Turkey) in November.

Wipak was granted the award for the package of the new cheese products of the Swedish manufacturer Arla Foods. “The lacquer creates a smooth, structured surface”, Arla Foods Jenny Klingberg explains. “The effect achieved at the POS is far bigger than we had anticipated. Using the design and the tactile lacquer, we have achieved our target to convey to our consumers attributes such as tradition and handicraft by means of the new package“.

The winning packaging stands for the trend using premium quality food package design and printing. Film processing is a specialty of the Wipak Group. The ERA award once more emphasizes the extensive printing competence which the Wipak Group has successfully established over the past years.

Source: Wipak


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