Wild boar: Further cases of ASF confirmed
Wild boar

Further cases of ASF confirmed

Imago Images / Werner Schmitt
Wild boars bring African swine fever into the European Union.
Wild boars bring African swine fever into the European Union.

GERMANY, Potsdam. A confirmed case of African swine fever (ASF) in Germany does not remain. The State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg confirms further cases in wild boars.

The State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg has detected African swine fever (ASF) in five more feral pigs on tuesday. This was announced by the Ministry for Consumer Protection in Potsdam. The animals were discovered near the community of Neuzelle in the Oder-Spree district. The discovery sites are all located in the already defined endangered area.

Four black coats and one wild boar were found dead. The animals were discovered only about 20 kilometers away from the site of the first swine fever case. The examination material of the five carcasses is still being transported to the national reference laboratory at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI), which has to confirm the analysis of the national laboratory.

Source: agrarzeitung.de, fleischwirtschaft.de


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