Westvlees set to become number one in Belgium...

Westvlees set to become number one in Belgium

The Belgian family-owned company Westvlees has become the majority shareholder in the Lovenfosse cutting business in Fléron, close to Liège.

In October Lovenfosse will take over the slaughtering and cutting operations from Detry at the municipal slaughterhouse in Aubel.

Westvlees NV has a workforce of just under 1,100 and has operations in 40 countries worldwide. The company has an annual turnover of EUR 250 million. Westvlees' total export sales amount to EUR 109 million.

Lovenfosse S.A. are specialists in curing and in the cutting of pigs for sale via wholesalers and butchers. The company has a staff of ten and works together with twelve partners for cutting and deboning. Lovenfosse processes 2,000 pigs per week and has an annual turnover of EUR 540,000. Detry S.A. (AG) in Aubel slaughters 600,000 pigs per year. Its cutting throughput is 350,000 pigs per year. 200 employees account for annual sales of EUR 150 million.

Detry will continue to make its own meat products even after Lovenfosse has taken over the slaughtering and cutting operations. Taking over Lovenfosse will see Westvlees' annual slaughtering capacity rise to two million pigs. It processes 1.35 million pigs per year. This puts Westvlees at the top of the list of Belgian pork slaughterhouses.
Source: afz-allgemeine fleischer zeitung 24/2011