Wendy’s: Restaurant chain established a Suppl...

Restaurant chain established a Supplier Code of Conduct


USA, Dublin. The Wendy’s Company has established a Code of Conduct for all suppliers and vendors that are approved to provide goods, products, equipment or services to the system of restaurants and other outlets operated under the Wendy’s concept in the U.S. The code details the companys thinking on issues like animal welfare or food safety.

The code will go into force in 2016 and apply to US suppliers managed by Quality Supply Chain Co-op Inc. (QSCC). QSCC was formed to act as the sole authorized purchasing organization for Wendy’s company and franchised restaurants located in the United States and Canada. It represents 90% of the brand’s global purchainsing of food, packaging, equipment and distribution.

The code can be seen as an additional part and may expand to include other suppliers in professional services and international operations, the company determines.

The code highlights Wendy’s work on food safety and animal welfare and sets a goal in cooperation with the suppliers. Wendy’s emphasises the code of Conduct has to be seen as an addition to, and not in lieu of the company’s supplier agreements or other policies.
Source: Wendy’s


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