Weber Maschinenbau – Wipotec: Expanding their...
Weber Maschinenbau – Wipotec

Expanding their strategic partnership


GERMANY, Breidenbach / Kaiserslautern. Ever since 1993, Weber Maschinenbau GmbH and Wipotec Group have been working together very closely in the area of weighing and scanning technology.

Where the focus of these inspection features so far has been on their use in slicers for the production of meats cheeses, both globally successful companies have now intensified their strategic partnership and are expanding into quality control of the final packaged goods.

With the development of its own packaging machine technology, Weber meets a key demand of today’s marketplace and has established itself even more strongly as a reliable and strong solutions provider. After all, it is the central goal to make customers‘ lives easier. This works especially well thanks to a deployment of complete and comprehensive solutions from product setup to quality-checked packaging.

“Expanding our portfolio with well-established equipment from Wipotec for an optimized quality check of our packaging – including process steps like weighing control, checks for foreign objects as well as optical control of all packages – means an optimal completion to our full-system solutions“, explains Jörg Schmeiser, Chief Technology Officer of the Weber Group. “This expansion of our strategic cooperation is ideal to meet the demands of our customers and provides an opportunity for even more advanced and stronger solutions in the area of slicing applications and in the automation and packaging of fresh products.“

The decision to expand this cooperation with a partner of so many years is rooted very strongly in the core values of both owner-managed family businesses. Furthermore, it mirrors the commitment to true partnership that is felt by benefitting customers as well.


Source: Weber Maschinenbau GmbH


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