WWF and beef industry seeks sustainability ad...

WWF and beef industry seeks sustainability advancements

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and global leaders from the beef industry announced their intent to bring together the full breadth of industry stakeholders to move global beef production to a more sustainable system through open and balanced dialogue.

On a finite planet, sustainability was as important to long-term business success as it was for conservation and protecting wildlife, said Jason Clay, senior vice president of markets at WWF. By carrying out a dialogue with broad representation of all stakeholders in the global beef system, WWF could make great strides in expanding best practices and developing strong global standards for sustainable beef production.

The Global Conference on Sustainable Beef will serve as a unique forum to review current sustainability practices and begin to build alignment around key impacts, both positive and negative, of the beef system.

Cargill, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, JBS, McDonald’s and WWF will convene stakeholders and work to establish a process that may result in developing global voluntary, market-based standards for the beef industry. The event will take place from November 1-3 in Denver, Colorado.

Possible next steps following the conference include expanding local multi-stakeholder programs that are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as well as the creation of Regional Sustainable Beef Roundtables to guide the development of standards for sustainable beef production.

The conference website can be found here.
Source: World Wildlife Fund


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