WTO talks collapse

WTO talks collapse

Trade officials reported that WTO Doha Development Round talks have collapsed because of India's unwillingness to compromise.

AMI President and CEO J. Patrick Boyle said, that this is a very disappointing news because of the great potential of these negotiations to improve world economic well-being. To the extent that WTO (World Trade Organization) negotiations occur in the future, AMI will remain committed to achieving the market access objectives of the Doha Round and will work with their negotiators to pursue its successful conclusion.

The Doha Development Round is the current trade-negotiation round of the WTO, which commenced in November 2001.

In 1994, when the Uruguay Round was signed into law, meat and poultry exports were at $4.8 billion. Last year, a year in which a small recovery was made for U.S. beef exports, meat and poultry exports totalled $8.1 billion.

Source: American Meat Institute (AMI)