WMC: The meat world meets in Uruguay

The meat world meets in Uruguay


URUGUAY, Punta del Este. From 7 to 9 November 2016 the 21st World Meat Congress will be held in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The event is organized by the International Meat Secretariat (IMS) and the National Meat Institute of Uruguay (INAC) and has the support of the Uruguayan Government through its Ministries of Economy, Public Health, Livestock, Industry, Foreign Affairs and Tourism.

The Congress will address the main issues currently affecting the meat sector under a new format which will enable to identify the different perspectives: Global Trends, Trade and Politics, Animal Care and Health, Consumer Trust, Sustainability, Human Health and Nutrition and Governance of the meat chain. The greatest challenge of the new global agenda is to organize the “many voices” to achieve “one melody”, so as to face the challenges of the global meat sector.

The event will generate a new form of internal communication among congress members, participants and speakers. Each topic will be presented with audiovisual technology that will summarize its current state and its main dilemmas and challenges and will finally pose three questions to be addressed by different experts from different perspectives. The discussion and debate among experts will be the heart of the congress together with the participation in real-time of attendees, who will have an application (APP) to make comments and even cast their votes.

The APP has been developed for iOS, Android and Mobile Web devices. It works as an internal social network with the posting of ads, pictures and notifications that each user can upload about the event. In addition to the conference agenda, the biography of the speakers and the description of the talks, the APP generates surveys and questions that attendees can use to take their decisions. At the end of each topic, users will be able to identify the reasons for the different perspectives and areas of agreement and disagreement. Through this tool, attendees will be able to cast their votes in real time and see the results on the screens of the Congress.

Additional technical tours are scheduled after the closing of the Congress on 10 November, where participants can choose between visits to slaughter houses and plants, butcher shops and farms. The options for these complementary activities include: slaughterhouses and plants Frigorífico y Matadero Solís, and Frigorífico San Jacinto, supermakets Devoto and Macro Mercado and two cattle farms, one located in the Sierra de los Caracoles in Maldonado and another in the department of Florida.


Source: International Meat Secretariat


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