Vion UK to re-organise its poultry processing...

Vion UK to re-organise its poultry processing operations

Vion Food UK has announced proposals to transfer poultry processing from its factory at Thorne to its sites at Sandycroft in North Wales, and Coupar Angus in Perthshire.

As widely reported, the marketplace continues to be extremely challenging, with increasing feed and fuel costs, and intense competition requiring an ever-greater focus on efficiency. The review of Vion operations is a continuous process, to ensure that we maintain our focus on quality and on operational excellence, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.

A review of operating sites within the Poultry Business Unit identified a number of issues facing the Thorne site that have resulted in the proposed transfer of operations to other Vion plants. 
- Lack of contract growers close to the site limits its maximum kill, meaning the site is unable to operate to capacity
- Significant  volumes of birds are transported each week from farms as far away as southern Scotland
- The site requires significant investment over the next 5 years to ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental and hygiene legislation
- The processing operations would be more efficient if transferred to the sites at Vion Sandycroft and Vion Coupar Angus 

As a result of the proposed re-structure, the Vion Thorne site is potentially at risk of closure, with 255 roles (201 factory and 54 Head Office positions) potentially affected. 
Source: Vion Food Group