Vion: Production location Boxtel to be modern...

Production location Boxtel to be modernised


THE NETHERLANDS, Boxtel. Vion will modernise its production location in Boxtel in order to further increase its competitiveness on the national and international meat markets.

Some of the activities that currently take place at the location in Scherpenzeel will be integrated into the location in Boxtel.

With the planned investment of €35 mill., Vion aims to realise a shorter supply chain with more value for the sale of meat in the market, improved efficiency and a more sustainable way of working by organising this at a single location. The company will undertake the investment carefully and with respect for people, animals and the environment. The proposed plan will be realised by mid-2021, and has the full support of the shareholder.

Vion aims to move the ‘fresh’ activities that are carried out at its location in Scherpenzeel to Boxtel. This concerns the processing of middles, internal logistics and other fresh activities (such as the production of spare and belly ribs). Organising these activities under one roof – together with the existing slaughter and processing activities in Boxtel – will improve logistics to a great extent. It will shorten the supply chain, which will result in an improvement in the quality and freshness of the meat and a more efficient production. This way of working is also more sustainable; it will decrease the number of transport movements (goods transport) by more than 1 mill. km per year.

The transfer of fresh activities from Scherpenzeel to Boxtel will be prepared and carried out with utmost care. It is expected that the majority of the more than 120 employees who are connected to ‘fresh’ activities at Vion Scherpenzeel will be relocated within the Vion locations in Boxtel, Apeldoorn and Groenlo, or will leave by means of natural labour turnover. The majority of temporary employees in Scherpenzeel is expected to also find a job in Boxtel. It is expected that there will be no suitable possibilities for relocation for some 20 Vion employees. This number could decrease over time, given the project’s turnaround time of more than two years.

Minimising the effects on the neighbourhood in Boxtel is an important focal point for Vion. John de Jonge, COO at Vion Pork: “Vion is in constructive consultation with, among others, the municipality of Boxtel.” For instance, traffic flows from and to the production location Boxtel will be organised and regulated as optimally as possible, additional parking facilities will be created and extra measures will be taken to limit noise nuisance. The investment will not have an impact on the number of pigs processed in Boxtel; the supply of pigs will remain the same.

“This investment in a more integrated production is an important step for Vion,” said John de Jonge. “It will improve our international competitive position and the quality of our products. Thanks to the careful approach, we limit the nuisance for neighbours to a minimum and it will contribute considerably to making the production of meat more sustainable. Optimising the production chain is one of the focal points in our strategy.”

The Central Works Council has been asked for advice and trade unions have been informed of the proposed plan, which is due for completion by mid-2021.


Source: Vion Food Group


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