Vion Food to sell Convenience Retail

Vion Food to sell Convenience Retail

Vion Food Deutschland is set to take a further step in its move towards repositioning itself as a slaughter and carcass-cutting company as part of the restructuring programme resolved in April.

The Vion Food management team has decided to sell off Convenience Retail Deutschland. "In the future, sausage goods, cutlet and rissole production will no longer be part of the core business of Vion," explains David Müller-Elmau, Managing Director of Convenience Retail Deutschland. The process of selling off seven production sites, three "Fleischmarkt" and nine "Frischecenter" outlets plus 30 branches with a total of roughly 1700 employees is to commence shortly.


According to information released by the company itself, the sale package consists of the following sites and production units:
- Lutz Fleischwaren GmbH including businesses in Hammelburg, Chemnitz and Landsberg;
- Artland Convenience GmbH, Badbergen;
- Weimarer Wurstwaren GmbH, Nohra/Weimar;
- Otto Nocker GmbH, Germaringen;
- Conrad Heiter GmbH with eleven branches in Wiesbaden;
- "Fleischmarkt" outlets of Südfleisch GmbH in Munich, Ingolstadt, Traunstein;
- Vion Convenience Frischecenter GmbH, nine outlets;
- Vion Convenience Filialen GmbH, 19 outlets;
- Wurstworld GmbH and
- Vion Convenience Management GmbH.
Source: afz – allgemeine fleischer zeitung,


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