Vion Food: Financing of €100 million
Vion Food

Financing of €100 million

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THE NETHERLANDS, Boxtel Vion Food has agreed new financing for a total of €100 mill. with a financing syndicate consisting of ABN AMRO and NIBC. Each bank is providing €50 mill.

Vion Food has now assured itself of solid financing for the future, laying a strong foundation for a healthy future.

The financing also illustrates the confidence in the company's future and the strategy that it has set out. The strategy's priority is an increased focus on valorisation: optimum value creation of the animals processed means that market requirements are better met.

"This gives us the financial leeway we need. It feels somewhat like a fresh, new start, except that we are already on our way," said interim Vion-CEO Tom Heidman.

Source: Vion


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