Vion Bramstedt resumes production

by Editor
Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Four weeks after ordering production to be suspended, the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas has removed its ban on Vion Bad Bramstedt GmbH's beef slaughter and processing plant after imposing certain conditions.

Prior to this the company had provided numerous guarantees for irreproachable production with due regard to all regulations relating to hygiene and animal welfare and committed itself to a comprehensive round of modernisation at the plant.

Vion Bad Bramstedt in planning to invest more than EUR1.5 million in the plant this year. Until then the company has undertaken to reduce the slaughter rate and to provide video monitoring of each stunning process. Until the stunning box is replaced in June, a maximum of 45 cattle will be slaughtered per hour instead of the usual 70.

Roughly 60 percent of all Schleswig-Holstein cattle are slaughtered at the plant which is located approximately 50 kilometres north of Hamburg.