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Showing trends in the business


GERMANY, Verden (Aller). More than 50 international attendees from Denmark, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands and of course Germany to a seminar in Verden (Aller), Germany, on 15 and 16 November had the possibility to have detailed insights into innovative technologies.

In a presentation, Alexander Stephan of van Hees showed that vegetable proteins and fungal mycelium are suitable for producing vegan products with similar properties like meat products. However, the texture properties of meat products are difficult to reproduce when extruded proteins are not used. In order to make suitable processing material available on an industrial scale, scale-up tests are currently being carried out, so that the good scientific results will also reach the industry. The results showed that the fungal mycelium is toxicologically safe and has a biological value of between 75-80 (depending on the species and agricultural by-pass). Fungal mycelium can also be a solution for protein supply, as it has not only protein content but also techno-functional properties comparable to those of commercially available plant proteins. Compared to vegetable proteins, the fungal mycelium can be cultivated in less space.

In another presentation, Prof. Dr. Ralf Lautenschläger from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, Department for Life Science - Meat Technolgy, explained innovative smoking processes. He placed particular emphasis on the application of smoke condensates in the smoking of meat products.  He showed that manufacturers of smoked food increasingly rely on liquid smoke as an alternative to conventional smoking processes. With this technology, in addition to other advantages, the proportion of PAH in the smoke can be controlled very precisely and, in the best case, virtually eliminated. The production and application of liquid smoke is also advantageous in terms of environmental protection - keywords being climate change, energy and material consumption.

The seminar was rounded off by an accompanying program that gave participants the opportunity to take a company tour, visit the customer center and get to know about current projects from all over the world. Of course, the opportunity for networking among the participants was not neglected.


Source: Vemag Anlagenbau


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