Vegan: Vegetable meat alternative for all

Vegetable meat alternative for all

Hans im Glück
Restaurant chain Hans im Glück introduces innovative vegan burgers.
Restaurant chain Hans im Glück introduces innovative vegan burgers.

GERMANY, Munich. Optics and aroma hardly differ from meat: With the innovative so called “Naturbursche” burger, the german restaurant chain Hans im Glück is expanding its existing vegan range with a burger with 100% vegan plant bratling.

The special feature: the burger is hardly distinguishable from beef in taste and texture. It is thus aimed equally at vegans and vegetarians as well as flexitarians and meat lovers who want to reduce their meat consumption.

For the innovative burger, the company uses a vegetable bratling from the Moving Mountains brand. The Bratling consists of a unique, hearty and juicy mix of natural ingredients such as mushrooms, beetroot juice, coconut and spices as well as peas, wheat and soya proteins. The burger is also a first foretaste of the new menu, which will be presented in early summer 2019. In addition to new burger variations with the Moving Mountains Bratling, a larger selection of vegetarian and vegan options will find a permanent place on the menu.

Simeon Van der Molen, founder of Moving Mountains, is enthusiastic about the partnership: "We are delighted to introduce our Moving Mountains Burger in Germany."

Source: Moving Mountains | Hans im Glück


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