Veal video prompts U.S. retailers comment

Veal video prompts U.S. retailers comment

U.S. retailer Costco Wholesale Corp. has released a statement in response to a video of veal calves in individual crates on an Ohio farm, made surreptitiously by a group called Mercy for Animals (MFA).

As Associated Press reported, the video MFA released was taken at Buckeye Veal Farm in Apple Creek, Ohio. It shows calves chained inside small stalls where they are unable to lie down or turn around.

Several states prohibit confining calves in such crates, though Ohio does not.

The group urged Costco and Giant Eagle, two major grocers that carry the company's veal products, to stop selling veal from Buckeye.

Costco's CEO Jim Senegal said the company was not aware of the issue before it saw the video. The company were disappointed, not only with the performance of their supplier in this instance, but with their own performance as well, he said.

Costco's sole supplier for veal is Atlantic Veal and Lamb of New York, which buys meat from multiple farms, including Buckeye. Atlantic Veal declined to comment.

Giant Eagle said Atlantic Veal has assured the company that the farm's current practices are within industry guidelines.

Though, the new Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, authorised by a voter referendum, calls for phasing out veal crates.
Source: Fleischwirtschaft International


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