Value: Increased value of by-products

Increased value of by-products

By-products constitute a large share of the animal.
By-products constitute a large share of the animal.

DENMARK, Aarhus. By-products constitute a large share of the animal. When you buy a pig, you pay a price for the whole animal. The best performing companies are distinguished by their ability to increase value of the by-products and reduce the operational costs.

The typical improvement points in by-product utilization are managemental focus on by-products, logistics resulting in higher productivity, handling and chilling resulting in higher value products and longer shelf life, storage facilities, access to knowledge for alternative use of by-products and reduced use of water and energy.

A potential economic benefit from alternative utilization of by-products depends on several factors. First of the local customers/production based on by-products, but also certain market parameters (product prices, quantities and quality requirements).

The service offered by DMRI consists of a Production Analysis of the existing production, identification of areas to be improved and a proposed plan of action to realize the potential.

The output from the Production Analysis:

  • Present utilization of by-products
  • Proposals for alternative usage
  • Productivity
  • Logistics and handling
  • Quality of products
  • Savings of energy and water
  • Identification and recommendation of areas to be improved – Project Catalogue

Following the Production Analysis, the next step will be to implement the most profitable projects identified.

Source: DTI
Denmark Aarhus


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