VLAM: Belgian meat production stabilizes at p...

Belgian meat production stabilizes at previous year's level


BELGIUM, Brussels. In 2017 1.79 mill. t of meat – including poultry meat – were produced in the kingdom, almost 0.60% less than a year ago. A total of 313.41 mill. heads were taken to the slaughterhouse. This is the result of figures from the Belgian Statistical Office, which were prepared by the Belgian Meat Office.

Fewer pigs were kept in Belgium in 2017. This is reflected in the slaughter figures, which fell by around 2% to 10.95 mill. The corresponding meat production amounted to 1.04 mill. t, a decrease of 1.51% compared to the previous year.

The slaughtering of cattle was increased by almost 1% to 920,142 heads. The quantity of beef produced is estimated at 281,536 t, an increase of 1.14%. Poultry slaughtering also declined, by 1.72% to 301.38 mill. heads. Meat production, on the other hand, rose by just under half a percent to 463,393 t

While the number of sheep and lambs slaughtered fell by 1.47% to around 139,000 heads, the meat volume climbed by 5.36% to 2,950.47 t. Horse meat production fell by 6.38% to 1,772 t. The reason for this is the 7.75% reduction in the number of slaughters to 5,585 heads. Although goat slaughter figures have increased by 25% to 16,042 t, goat meat production remains a niche product at 284 t.


Source: VLAM


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