Ukraine reopens market to Brazilian pork

Ukraine reopens market to Brazilian pork

Ukraine has lifted a temporary ban on pork imports from Brazil, according to Brazilian authorities.

Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture said that Ukraine's state veterinary service had agreed to allow imports of pork and pork products from six companies in Brazil. It added that the reopening of the Ukrainian market was one of the "big stories of the year" for Brazil's pork sector, which has suffered losses since the ban was imposed in March.

Brazilian pork exports to Ukraine were down 53% in January - May 2013, driving an 11% drop in total pork shipments from Brazil for the five-month period. In May, Brazilian pork exports were down 18%.

Rui Saldanha Eduardo Vargas, president of the Brazilian Association of Pork Producers and Exporters (ABIPECS), said the resumption of exports to Ukraine would improve market expectations for 2013. The recent opening of the Japanese market to Brazilian pork is also expected to boost foreign sales.

Ukraine banned Brazilian pork over claims that authorities had found listeria bacteria in shipments from slaughterhouses in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The decision to lift the ban follows a visit to Brazil by Ukraine's veterinary authorities in April.
Source: Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil