USDA reports 10% drop in red-meat production

USDA reports 10% drop in red-meat production

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Red-meat production for August dropped 10% to 1.72 mill. t compared with 1.90 mill. t produced in August 2013, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its Livestock Slaughter report. Cumulative red meat production also declined.

Cumulative commercial red-meat production from January to August 2014 was 14.15 mill. t down 4% from 2013, USDA reported. Accumulated beef production declined 6% from last year, veal dropped 12%, pork was down 2% from a year ago, and lamb and mutton production was
slipped 1%.

Beef production was down 10% to 916,270 t. Cattle slaughter totalled 2.50 mill. head, an 11% drop from August 2013, USDA reported. The average live weight was 602.8 kg up 8.6 kg from a year ago.

Pork production also declined 10% from the previous year. Pork production totalled 793,800 t. Hog slaughter dropped 13% to 8.27 mill. head. The average live weight was 4.98 kg to 128.00 kg.

Lamb and mutton production was down 15% to 530,712 t. Sheep slaughter totalled 181,400 head, a 13% drop from a year ago. The average live weight was 58.51 kg, down 1.81 kg from August 2013, according to USDA.

Veal production was 22% below August a year ago. Production totalled 3,220 t. Calf slaughter totalled 43,600 head, down 32% from August 2013. The average live weight was up 16.80 kg to 126.65 kg.
Source: USDA


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